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We are pleased to offer another great season of skiing through the partnership of Shared Ski Adventures (SSA) through the SportsNet program, at SWAIN Resort.  Shared Ski Adventures has existed as an organized program for almost 40 years, offering safe, affordable, high quality ski opportunities to children and adults with disabilities.

Individuals that participate in SSA are people who enjoy the outdoors, want to be challenged, like an adventure, and are willing to give and receive equally!  Our skiers benefit from individualized lessons with attentive and caring instructors and the availability of adapted ski equipment.  Most importantly, the SSA program focuses on each skier’s abilities!

Program Details

  • Each lesson is from 9am-11:00am Or 11:30am – 1:30pmNoon on Saturdays at Swain Resort (Swain, NY).
  • Instructors are trained volunteers from all backgrounds who share their love of skiing with our students.
  • Students who are not their own legal guardian must have a parent/caregiver on-site to attend to any needs. We are not a respite program and volunteer instructors are not allowed to assist with self-care needs.
  • Participants must provide their own transportation to Swain
  • All students must wear a helmet while skiing. (SSA does not provide helmets.) The helmet must fit correctly and be strapped on.
  • Our instructor to student ratio is at least one-to-one; we will pair up two instructors per student when possible.


  • Complete and return the Application Form. It needs to be signed by your Physician.
  • Sign & return the SportsNet Waiver and Media Consent Release Form
  • Registration Deadline:  November 30
    • Registrations after November 30 will be processed in the order that they are received
    • There will be no registrations day of or during the season

How do I know if I’ve been enrolled in the program?

  • You will receive written confirmation of enrollment in the SSA program in December
  • Enrollment in SSA is based upon instructor availability, as well as the student’s need for and availability of adapted equipment
    • Returning students may be enrolled for 8 lessons
    • All new students are automatically registered for 4 lessons
  • Additional lessons could be scheduled at a pro-rated fee for new students, based upon instructor availability
  • If the SSA program is not able to accommodate the student this season, he or she will be notified.


  • Payment is due upon confirmation of enrollment in the SSA Program.
  • $500 for 8 lessons / $250 for 4 lessons
  • The program fee includes: lessons, lift tickets, rental equipment and the use of the program’s adapted equipment.
  • A helmet is the responsibility of the participant. SWAIN does rent helmets for an additional fee.

Adapted Equipment

Our ski program has a variety of equipment that we can use with a skier to assist them in learning to ski.  The goal is for the equipment to assist the skier to learn the skills and then over time, work toward increasing the student’s independence and skiing without the need for the physical assistance (i.e. tether, snow slider, edgie-wedge, pole, etc).

Our program also offers the availability of sit-skis for individuals who benefit from skiing from a seated position.  The sit-skis can be independently controlled by the student or a trained instructor can provide the steering and guidance for the student. Individuals interested in taking advantage of this opportunity must have neck and trunk control/strength and weigh less than 200 lbs due to the type of equipment we have.  SSA Coordinators will also consult with your physician or physical therapist to help assess whether the equipment we provide is appropriate for your safety. Please contact us if you have any questions about our sit-skis.  We have a limited number of sit-skis available; the availability of trained instructors is also a factor in the use of this equipment.

Family Program

This program allows the family and friends of instructors and students to receive discounted lift tickets at Swain for the day of the SSA lessons (Saturdays) only.

  • Lift tickets must be purchased in advance online using the online code sent out each week.
  • No refunds or exchanges for purchased tickets

Lift tickets: $45 each
Rentals: $29 for adults and $24 for children 12 and under

Instructor Recruitment

We have a wonderful group of volunteer instructors that return each season to teach students to ski. If you know someone who may be interested in the SSA Program as a volunteer instructor, please let us know – or have them contact us directly.   The number of instructors we have directly impacts the number of students that we can enroll each season.

We need your help to pass the word around to encourage people to join our instructor team so that we do not have to turn students away.  We would be happy to talk with new recruits!

We’re looking forward to another great season!  Please contact us with any questions or concerns.


The Shared Adventures Team

SSA Coordinator Contact Information: 

Michael Cocquyt

Office: 334-6000 ex1120

Sean Ossont


Mailing Address:

SportsNet / CP Rochester

3399 Winton Road South

Rochester, NY 14623