One of our skiers wrote…


Skiing means the world to me.
Icy wind
Fluffy snow
Kind friends who help
Try new things
Fall and get up again
I am a better person because of skiing

Thank you,
Sarah N.

Shared Ski Adventures:

• 8-week program beginning in early January
• 3-hour lesson every Saturday morning at Swain Ski Resort (9am-12 noon)
• Private lesson structure with 2:1 instructor to student ratio
• Adapted equipment as needed (limited availability)
• Program is supported by trained volunteer instructors
• Ski equipment rental available
• Discounted family tickets available

Our Goal

  • To promote personal growth, development and self-esteem
  • To increase physical and mental capabilities
  • To acquire outdoor skills & environmental awareness
  • To promote independence & participation in non-exclusive activities
  • To have fun and make friends
  • To encourage social interaction
  • To improve teaching, leadership and communication skills
  • To make a difference through rewarding experiences

Our Vision

  • To make SSA affordable to people with disabilities
  • Be a known recreational option for disabled people in Western NY
  • Create an expandable program, capable of accommodating community needs
  • Provide accredited instructors to all students
  • Purchase latest equipment to best enable our students
  • Further expose disabled people to outdoor physical activities which is beneficial to health & morale
  • To increase skier exposure through field trips to other ski resorts
  • Promotional events: open house, fund raising
  • Be an introductory program for people interested in learning more